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Submission: Children’s Content Funding Discussion Paper

NZCST put together a submission in response to the May 2015 NZ on Air Children’s Content Funding Discussion paper.

The Content Discussion document is a well-considered overview of the current funding environment for children and the surrounding issues.

1. There is widespread agreement that the speed of change in content delivery is unprecedented and increasing.
2. The rights of the child are central to well-focused debate over our media delivery to New Zealand children.

We have highlighted additional points and supporting material in our full submission.

You can read the submission here

One Comment

  • Kiwi kids need to see themselves on screen. Their World, their culture, their accent and language. They need to see that with high production values. There’s no competing with the glossy Disney shows or slick Power Rangers etc if our local content looks cheap and shabby. Kids can tell if something looks bad on screen. They’ll devalue themselves and kiwi shows if we’re constantly presenting them with budget no frills projects. Let’s get serious about providing them with things they can be proud of and aspire to.

    I like my own kids to watch good quality storytelling and production. I like them to watch things that lift them rather than underestimating them with lowest common denominator fodder. I’m selective about what they watch and I watch with them and discuss what they’re seeing. I do not let them watch things with hypersexualisation of children and I’m all about meaningful content and great stories and characters than material that is dross and soap operas for kids. I want them to be inspired not insipid.

    They only have one childhood.

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