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Submission: Children’s Content Funding Discussion Paper

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NZCST put together a submission in response to the May 2015 NZ on Air Children’s Content Funding Discussion paper. The Content Discussion document is a well-considered overview of the current funding environment for children and the surrounding issues. 1. There is widespread agreement that the speed of change in content delivery is unprecedented and increasing.

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NZCST Digital Home Proposal

There is no doubt that we value our stories and our unique place in the world. As children lead the way onto new digital platforms and into new ways of viewing and interacting with content, we need to ensure that our”stories”are”there”for”them”to” access and enjoy. New Zealand has an opportunity to create a home for digital

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Tick For Kids Local Content

The New Zealand Children’s Screen Trust is part of the Tick for Kids campaign ( Tick for Kids is working to make sure children are a central focus in the lead up to the 2014 election and into the next parliament with the call, “It takes a child to raise a country!” The NZCST asks

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Where are our kids in the Big Picture?

Ruth Zanker moderated a session on kids` content with an interesting mix of panelists, the ABC`s soon-departing head of kids` content, Tim Brooke-Hunt; writer Briar Grace-Smith; former children`s commissioner Ian Hassall; and producer Yvonne Mackay. Zanker, Hassall and Mackay are all trustees of the New Zealand`s Childrens Screen Trust, which “seeks to enrich the lives

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Are our children rich in New Zealand stories?

Children’s screen time, watching television and films, internet time and gaming, is often cast in a negative light. The American Academy of Paediatrics, for example, warns that: “Studies have shown that excessive media use can lead to attention problems, school difficulties, sleep and eating disorders, and obesity.” Parents limit screen time not only on the

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Screen Australia Report on Children and Television

Child’s Play – Issues in Australian Televison 2013 THREE KEY INSIGHTS 1. Children want to watch television content made specifically for them. 2. Scheduling is key to the broadcast success of a program. 3. Financing children’s content is ever more difficult. To read the full report go here

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