The NZ Children’s Screen Trust aims to collate and provide links to international and national research on issues to do with the provision and access to screen content for children.

Local Research

Evaluative Study of NZ on Air | Paul Norris & Brian Pauling;

Chapter 10: The Threatened Genre – Children’s. in NZ On Air: An Evaluative Study 1989-12 | Dr Ruth Zanker

After public service channels close down: The extreme case of local provision for children in New Zealand | Ruth Zanker

International Research

Part One: A National Study on Children’s Programming in Canada
The Youth Media Alliance (Canada) conducted the largest study to date on Canadian children’s programming, with an eye to better understanding the media’s impact on young people.

Part Two: Are the Kids Alright?
Not only is TV not endangered, but it also has a unifying social impact on the nuclear family across the country. This is the main conclusion of a cross-Canada study—Are the Kids All Right?—on the television viewing habits of families with at least one child aged between 9 and 12 years.