Junior Platinum Fund

Funding, Television

Our Vision

Local children’s screen content is an important and vital asset for children. It allows them to see themselves on screen, expands their imaginative horizons and shapes their ideas of who they are and who they could become.

We are taking a leaf out of the ‘grown ups’ book. Our contention is that children are just as important as adult viewers, if not more, and deserve the same quality television programmes across all genres.

The adult Platinum Fund has proven that it is a workable template to nurture and fund quality projects. The template would work for the younger audience too and our vision is for a Junior Platinum Fund that would assist in delivering quality and innovative programming for children that would enrich their media experience and be valued by the community.

Without question, this generation is the media generation… Anything that takes up this much space in young people’s lives deserves our full attention.

Generation M: Media in the lives of 8-18 year olds. Kaiser Family Foundation, p60.

Why is it needed?

Media stories, characters, stories about how the world works provide a toolbox for children. What they view and hear teaches children how (and if) they fit into the world, and what ways they may fit into the world later as ‘grown-ups’.

• Overseas content, and imported consumer values, dominates their media experiences
• Children learn to become followers and copiers of imported fads

• We need content targeting children and young people that tell local success stories and provide local role models
• We need a way to tell stories that help our children embrace difference both within their social world and wider within in our multi-cultural communities.
• We need content that helps children solve social problems, that helps them set new goals.
• We need stories to help them dream dreams of a rewarding ‘grown up’ life.

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