Making Sure Children Matter in NZ Public Media

It’s so critical at this point to make sure that Children are central to this new entity from its inception – in the Charter or as a special interest group isn’t enough – and we’ve all witnessed the children of Aotearoa New Zealand disconnecting from local content over the last 30 years. This submission is about the big picture – making children central to the future of the PME. The details of the Charter and Budget will be the next steps of work.

The ANZPM legislation must enshrine a clear mandate for the PME to provide discoverable local media for our tamariki and rangatahi to connect with and to grow our youngest citizens (media in this respect that includes interactive and games, as well as future formats yet to be defined). Unless there is critical engagement with children underpinned by commitment to the UNCROC (UN Convention on the Rights of the Child) requirements, the new PME has no future proofing in place. All of the formats will shift and move over time – but the people won’t. The PME needs to have a life long strategy for its audience/stakeholders – that begins with children.

Please read NZCST’s submission which explains our rational for changes to the bill, which will underpin the operation of the ANZPM.

Thank you to all all of you had made a submission on the legislation to strengthen the commitment to children’s public media.