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What do we want for our kids on screen … and how do we get it?

A Panel Discussion and Q&A featuring Dr Maya Goetz

1 Maya Götz Medienwissenschaftlerin

DR Maya Goetz

“Media has the power to create inner images. It shapes self-image, offers perspectives of what is the right way to handle problems and where to aim for in life.  So what kind of images and stories do you want for your child?” – Dr Maya Goetz

Dr Maya Goetz is sought out as a consultant in the fields of knowledge concepts, character development, and pilot testing for producers. She is a judge for the Prix Jeunesse, the pre-eminent international award for children’s media, and the children’s Emmy Award.

Auckland: Tues 5th March, 5:30-7pm, St Columba Centre40 Vermont St, Ponsonby

Panelists: Dr Maya Gotz, Michael Bennett (Filmmaker and Writer), Clare Curran Labour Party Broadcasting Spokesperson

Wellington: Thurs 7th March, 5:30-7pm, NZ Film Archive84 Taranaki St

Panellists: Dr Maya Gotz, Yvonne Mackay (Company Director ProductionShed.TV), Martin Baynton (Pukeko Pictures)

Based on current research insights, this session will present and discuss problems as well as opportunities for children’s television in a lively and practical way in the New Zealand context. Children nowadays are growing up in a media saturated society. Television, mobile phones, computer, gameboy, touchpad etc. are omnipresent. Both parents and children need to learn how to deal with the fascination of media. That means on the one hand limiting media use, on the other consciously choosing television shows and media that are truly enriching for one’s children. Media research can clearly point to the problems. Besides the danger of consuming too much television it is the content that represents the biggest problem for building up a healthy identity. What can we learn for NZ?

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